Attractive Pixie Haircuts With Bangs Is The New Trend This Season


Pixie haircuts with bangs can cover well your face. For example, a long pony hides a high forehead. Short bangs visually stretch the face and a longer, fringed bang make hard facial contours to appear softer. The right hairstyle for every face shape?

Cheeky Pixie Haircuts With Bangs

With this blonde color, even the clear contours of this pixie appear gentle and feminine. The hair ends straight at the front; from the back of the head, however the fringed strands fall into the forehead and there by loosen the short haircut. This cheeky haircut goes best with high cheekbones rather than round faces. For a bright blonde, you should regularly use a silver effect hair treatment. This blonde style looks best on slightly tanned skin.

Pixie Haircuts With Side- Bangs

Pixie haircuts with bangs look great on side parting styles. If you still want to cover your forehead, a side bangs is ideal. It is long and lush and yet does not press on the eye area. A pony running out to the side is especially for women with high foreheads and elongated faces. The hairstyle draws attention to the middle of the face and the mouth area. Side bangs are particularly nice for short hairstyles. The top of the head is slightly emphasized and the crown can be styled variably on the left, right or in the middle. This trendy hairstyle for small and medium-sized heads fits in all situations: in everyday life, at work, while shopping or at evening events. Style some cheeky tips. It’s easy with spray gel and looks great!

The Full Pixie Haircuts With Bangs 

Pixie haircuts with bangs are cut straight and extend to the eyebrows or even a little lower. The full pony can visually shorten an elongated face and make it look structured. If you have a round face, you’d better wear a combed pony that extends to the corners of your eyes. This stretches just like short fringes on the forehead.


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