Best Bob Hairstyles For Square And Diamond Face Shape


If you think that the best bob hairstyles don’t suit you, you may not have made a choice according to the face shape before. Because there is a medium-size bob haircut for every face shape. A diamond-shaped face is always very advantageous and attractive.

High cheekbones, small forehead, and jawline, narrow and sharp express a diamond-shaped face. Such face shapes can certainly benefit from the natural volume of most medium-length bob hairstyles.

Best Bob Hairstyles 2020

If you really want to add some mood and take care of your face, try the bob hairstyles. Choose a wavy, vibrant style that will make your hair look extra soft and voluminous.

In addition, using fine makeup will add texture to your hair. Another technique that can help with this medium density volume is to prefer a folded side bang.  On the other hand, if you want to draw attention to how sharp your face shape is, you can use a bang, straight bob hairstyle. This facial shape does not always look good.

Medium Bob Haircut For Square Face

The square face shape provides clear beauty similar to the style of top models. It has stunning features with a strong jawline and a square forehead. With this face shape, a medium-length bob haircut is often preferred to emphasize or soften your features depending on your preferences.

The middle bob softens your jawline. However, styling straight and pulling your hair behind your ears will have a highlighting effect. If you are looking for softness instead, you can use a wavy bob hairstyle.

Straight, blunt, side or folded forelock types are ideal for your face. However, if your chin tip is too short, you may prefer a side rifle instead of a straight one. If you like this model, try it now and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.


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