Best Medium Bob Haircut For Oval Face Shape


Bob haircut is an all-encompassing style with countless models and styles. Therefore, use medium or short bob according to your face shape – it is not right to say not to use it. If you want to use a medium bob haircut instead, it is advisable to choose the model that best suits your face.

Medium Bob Haircut For Round Face

In short, the height and width of a round face are approximately equal. In addition, it has a circular line, not angular. The right medium length bob hairstyle can make your round face look clearer and more balanced. If you use a much shorter cut, the rounded lines become more prominent. This is your choice entirely.

If you want to balance the facial contours of your bob haircut preference, choose a length that ends 2-3 cm below the chin. Thus, the bob hairstyle emphasizes the length of the jaw and makes a more feminine accent.

It is ideal for round faces to separate your hair from the side or use a long, folded side forelock. But avoid the hides that hide the forehead. While styling your hair, you can get support from wide irregular waves or a stylish blow dryer.

The Best Choice for Oval Face

When you have a balanced face shape like oval, you don’t need to think much about how to shape your medium bob haircut choice. The medium-length bob shows outstanding features and cheeks balanced on your face and looks amazing.

If you have an oval face, trust your hair when trying different choices. Use your ability to experiment with different plies. You can have fun day after day by styling your hair according to different waves, curls or stylish styles.

As a result, with a medium-length bob haircut, you can give your style a different twist and enjoy elegance and change.


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