Inspirational 5 Short Hair Color Ideas For Women


Dark Cinnamon Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideas are versatile in 2020! Do you want to change the color of your hair? Then we have the perfect inspiration for you! We present the short hair color trends for 2020 so that you already know which photos you can show your hairdresser the next time you visit.

Natural Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Hair color ideas trend is slowly returning to natural colors: whether in the shape of the eyebrows or hairstyling, natural looks contrast with the accurate Instagram styles of recent years. Short hair is currently needed to fit with natural hair colors. If you like your natural hair color, you can spice it up with gentle high or low lights and underline it.

Brown in shimmering shades was already very popular last year. Now it is mainly reddish highlights that can enhance a deep brown and remind of cinnamon in this interaction. A perfect tone for autumn!

Red tone hair color ideas are popular too

Red tones are trending in 2020. Particularly popular: fiery red copper tones, which are guaranteed to stand out and are particularly beautiful with pale skin. Red hair is making a comeback on a grand scale!

Cool Ice Blonde Hair Colors

Ice blonde has never been so cool: soft lavender tones are edged with slate gray at the base and tips. Instead of hard contrasts, smooth transitions create a natural non-touring look for hair color ideas.

Mermaid Blue Hair Color Ideas For Bob Styles

Hair color ideas for Bob – The fresh color creates tints from professionals and last up to 20 washes and gradually develop into gentle pastel shades with every wash, without changing their color. The best: The twelve nuances can be mixed together and thus offer the hairdresser maximum creative freedom!


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