Meet the Sharp and Colorful Version of Bob Haircut!


Whether you have naturally straight hair or want to benefit from the clarity of straight hair, this bob will express your haircut style in the clearest way. The sharp edges and prominent edges of the hair don’t always have to be boring.

Best Straight Bob Styles of 2020

It is also possible to make them fun. Combined with colors and your overall style, the straight bob hairstyle will reflect your magical mood. When cutting, align your hair under the chin, in the middle of the neck. And fix them all the same size. Then thin the ends of the hair more prominently on the back, but do not use coats.
The sharp bob haircut, which is easy to cut, takes a voluminous shape on the upper sides of the head and approaches the face towards the bottom. This makes your face look more fashionable and works well with your features.

The Power of Colors in Bob Hair

In this modern and clear model, ombrés are best integrated with cutting. Reveals the shape of the hair in the best way. If you are looking for a different idea about the ombré, you can easily get away from the yellow-coffee duo. This type of bob haircut carries almost any color combination.

If you are ready for colored hair, you can use pink-rose shades towards the ends by using broken white-light gray on the bottoms. You can use several pastel colors. If you like dark colors and find classic color transitions boring, there is a solution.

Choose your own natural tone or your favorite natural-looking color but with a difference. You can decorate your ombré concentrating on the ends with suitable rose-gold sparkles. Or you can add dark blue sparkles to your dark brown hair.

So even if you work in a serious environment, you can take advantage of the vividness of the colors without being visible. The colorful bob haircut helps you discover the way you feel best.


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