The Bowl-Cut Trend For Easy Short Hairstyles


Easy short hairstyles for women are controversial this year. The bowl cut is one of the most controversial hairstyle trends of the 90s. The haircut is back in 2020 and we reveal why it is a special eye-catcher and who it suits best.

Whom Suits The Trend Of Easy Short Hairstyles In 2020?

Easy short hairstyles are in general – the bowl-cut is best for women with very narrow and fine facial features and a long neck. However, this is a generalization that cannot withstand a review, because a round face with high cheekbones can rock the haircut and thus make a statement. So if you are considering controversially highlighting your femininity in 2020 with this rather boyish haircut, you should definitely seek advice from a professional. The hairdresser you trust can certainly help you assess whether the bowl cut fits your face and highlights it in a positive way.

Easy Short Hairstyles Are Edgy And More Changeable Than You Think!

We love the bowl cut, because it stands for a strong femininity and feminine self-confidence that shines only without a mane. Who now thinks that the hairstyle could quickly become bored: don’t worry! The good old cut can do so much more than is generally believed. Whether with a side parting, sleek or combed back a little more wildly – the short cut comes out for experiments.

Easy short hairstyles are more than just a haircut – it makes a statement for openness and strength. The hallmark of this short hairstyle is the relatively straight cut around the head. The pony can fall straight or be styled to the side. Usually the hair ends at the level of the ears. The bowl cut is no longer worn sleek like last year, but can still look wild and undone. The short hairstyle looks more beautiful when the top hair is cut airy and has texture. You put the finishing touches on the bowl cut with gloss spray.


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